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Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Brilliant Ladies Inspiring Growth

International Women's Day takes over My BLIG today. No Brilliant Links Inspiring Growth in this post just BRILLIANT LADIES!

This is gonna be so easy in some respects as I immediately turn to to my bloodline, and so difficult I know, when I start to list the 10's of ladies who have provided support & direction throughout my career thus far. But to not name at least some today who have impacted my life would be a sin. So here goes...

Jo Edwards (n. Ramsden) - 'The love of my life' -

This lady epitomises what I.W.D is all about. Strength, Love, Kindness, Smart & Genuine - How lucky I was that I met her and have now spent 20 amazing years together. It doesn't matter what role she takes responsibility for - Mum, Leader, H.R Guru, tutor & teacher, friend, confident... and my gorgeous wife inside & out! She contributes and makes the (& my) world a better place.x

Mary Edwards (n. Dimelow) - 'The inspiration of my life' -

The most amazing woman anyone could ever meet - and she was my Grandma. Mum to 5 and grandma & great grandma to 25 there was nothing she couldn't do - Teacher, Carer, Historian, Artist, Music, Traveller, Sporty, Literature, Gardening & Nature - 'She held every Trivial Pursuit Cheese in real life' - and then the amazing thing was she passed all this knowledge & experience on with love, patience, inspiration and commitment. She guided me, listened to me, always treated me with respect, and her courage and pride was there for any one to see. And when I was "in times of trouble, mother Mary came to me, speaking words of wisdom..." x

Mary Edwards (1932 -2018) Pictured with Olivia Edwards ,my daughter.

(Aunty) Adele Fielding (n.Edwards) & (Cousin) Lianne Fielding

More big sis' & little sis' really! these two are cut from the same cloth from the previous lady I have just introduced you to. Just like Mary their love & kindness shines a light in some many people's life. I and many others turn to them to share time with them because they are TRUSTED human beings - Credible, Reliable & Humble and always genuine interest in who ever is lucky enough to share their company. Adele has looked after me since I was lumped in her room when I was born - right up to today! She is also the key stone in extended Edwards clan.

Lianne her daughter when not paediatric nursing or mothering always somehow finds time for you, with generous, unconditional love and kindness. I think this lady can time travel she gets so much done! She definitely mustn't sleep!!

Adele Fielding

Lianne Fielding (Pictured with sons Joshua & Jacob)

Liesa & Nina Dewsnap (My best pal's Mum & Sister)

These two ladies have been nourishing my mind & soul for too many years to mention. Liesa is an 'Angel on Earth' - gentle, compassionate, talented & hard working she must have touched the lives of hundreds of people. She is my friend and now my wife's as well as being a role model to my children. This lady is a 'Nobel Peace Prize Standard Hunan Being' and for the last decade or more she has spread her qualities as a true International Woman welcoming visitors from all over the world to stay at the magnificent Le Basse Cour Giites & Boutique Hotel in Asnieres-sur-Vegre - France. Which is where you will also find the indestructible Nina Dewsnap. I have known 'Nin' since the aged of 11 - these days she is running businesses, mothering the adorable Fin 'n' Belle, caring for her guests like no one else (except maybe her mum) and of course owning adopting and generally taking care of any animal that lives or stumbles injured into the village.

Next Up - Brilliant Leaders (who) Inspire Growth -

The next part of my post will concentrate on the amazing women who have really made a difference on my leadership journey. When it comes to celebrating days like I.W.D, clearly we are celebrating women - but let me make this clear, this lot make it onto any 'Top Leaders List'. Interestingly I believe they all possess similar traits or characteristics in their own beautiful way.

They are Courageous, Empathetic, Hard Working and Trustworthy! So in no particular order of importance or impact here goes...

Bev Holden & Kate Hargreaves - my small business guru's and friends. Knowledge, skills and experience aplenty all wrapped up in creative kindness. Kate was also was my first Learning & Development Leader whilst Bev is doing most of the heavy lifting these days with me :0) Thank you ladies - you support & inspire me every week and give me belief in myself and my business.

Kerry Mickiewicz, Janet Woods, Seama Nahar & Lucy Crowther - all showed belief in my potential at various stages of my Argos Career and always supported me outside of work too with genuine care for my work life balance. Cracking on with your job is so much easier when some one has your back and show you a way forward no matter how tough the situation is. All of these ladies were an integral part of my Argos Leadership Journey and continue to support me in my career today.

Speaking of Argos - that place has been the platform for some other great women to shine who have supported me & gone on to do many great things in the world. People like Sam Warrington, Jill O'Rourke, Cherelle Wearmouth, Julie Brayson, Mandi Richards, Kirsty Swan, Louisa Beer, June Haines, Emma Davies, Kate Harcombe, Carolyn Starkey, Helen Corbett, Phillipa Godley, Jane Johnson, Liz Langham, Jennifer Lord, Jan Wright, Jan Whittaker (who i did my 1st ever training session with 22 years ago!), Vicky Armstrong, Suzanne Marshall, Tracey Rushton, Anne Marie Haycock, Liz Kennedy, Joanna Parsons & Emma Whitaker - to name more than a few - and simply too many great Argos Store Managers & colleagues to name in person - you know who you are if you didn't get a mention! x

Argos also connected me to many other Learning Ladies too people like Liz Wilson who worked with Lane 4 and who inspired me 10 years ago & then moved back to 'God's Country' recently (Manchester) and we reconnected! I love her worldly knowledge, candid courage and she is so bloody interesting and lovely!

And finally (before this becomes a list of women who I know who have met!) I want to give a shout out to the many leaders in the communities I have been a part of - some who have inspired me and maybe I only spent a limited time with them. Like women who have taught and cared for my children, women who have coached and supported me & others in sport, other truly amazing women in my family & women who inspire my daughter to be the best version of herself.


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