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BLIG #2 - Tree Talk Down Under...

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Life is slowly reviving in Australia

It fills my heart with joy to see mother nature repairing herself after such a traumatic time. Seeing these photos kindly shared by @Elaine Clarke on Facebook has inspired me to write the second instalment of my BLIG.

Rooted & Well Grounded

So there we have it - photographic evidence that if the roots survive then the tree survives and has a chance to grow again and maybe become even more resilient the next time our environment is volatile and unpredictable?

Looking after our roots and what is truly important to us then is a lesson we can take from nature.

So what is truly important to you right now? I say right now as often our priorities are changing inline with how we are experiencing things. What was truly important to me when I was 5 or 6 say, may not ring true today - and like wise in another 40 years (fingers crossed!) THATS NOT TO SAY we should forget 'where we have come from' - but simply ask does that 'personal value' and importantly, how I am expressing it right now serve me well? Does it give me strength when I really need it in the moment or power my personal growth?

It was a timely reminder from the photographs too to remain physically and mentally agile, with a growth mindset and play the infinite game*... somedays we are up... somedays we are down... somedays we are winning... somedays we are losing... SO GET COMFORTABLE WITH THAT and keep growing & learning and then share those stories to help others grow.

As 'somebody' once told me in a quiet village in France some 10 or 12 years ago (Liesa Dewsnap) "just keep moving forward Matt - don't go backwards - even if its a tiny move, make it forward..."

Like my West Hill School badge said - "Aim High" and keep it simple just like the Trees are doing!

*The Infinite Game - is the latest publication from Simon Sinek - Check out these BLIGs to grow a little more...

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