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BLIG #7 Break Leads to Inadvertent Glory

Glory by definition - ''magnificence or great beauty"

A glorious sunset pictured here in Carbis Bay, Cornwall has inspired my BLIG this week and inspired me to think what has brought me inadvertent magnificence and great beauty recently...

Let's start with the picture - a glorious holiday snap taken last week in Cornwall. Myself and the rest of 'The Ted's' enjoyed our postponed holiday from Whitsuntide by the sea and this beautiful sunset was the vista one evening from our apartment. Inadvertent, magnificent and beautiful without a doubt! St Ives also unveiled its beauty to me for the first time with traditional, stone and cobbles lining the narrow streets and (and safely distanced) ramshackled buildings & its inhabitants. With our apartment and Edwards/Shah beach bubbles we enjoyed an unspoilt, relaxing family & friends holiday with little or no risk to ourselves and the community we respectfully visited.

One of my inadvertent personal highlights was listening to my new pal's podcast - the 'honey voiced, gloriously curious' Kirsty Mac sat on the gorgeous beach pictured above.

I urge you to check out Kirsty's Pod's. She has some amazing guests - one whom I will quote later from one of her episodes.

it is definitely a BRILLIANT LINK!

Spring Break Extra continues to provide more Blue Sky BLIGS well into the summer months too. With glorious guests sharing their lockdown experiences from "their own boat in this COVID storm" (Kate Hargreaves). SBX episodes follow on from our inadvertently magnificent Spring Break series. Catch all 9 here...

My latest SBX conversations see me catch up with Paul Wilkinson The perceptive , playful , pronouncing performer and producer. Last time it was all about Paul sharing his experience of working in performance art with individuals with learning disabilities and difficulties. Giving access to the sights, smells and sounds of planet earth in full effect to an environment within 4 walls in the UK. This time in the EXTRA edition, Paul shares his perception of ‘Park Performances, Prompting Postcards, and PM Pretending over the past 12 weeks... To enquire about Paul's work, you can email him here:

SBX episode 5 sees me catch up with an old friend this time, Anthony Devlin. An award winning and outstanding photographer who has covered Royal Weddings, Ashes Tours and Glastonbury and much, much more [including my wedding!] This time we caught up about how he has gone from 'Access all Areas ' to 'No Entry' and how he has "reset the gauge"and how he is focusing his lens' closer to home documenting this moment in human history. From the first face mask in football stadiums, to full lockdown, to players returning to empty stadiums  on one knee - Anthony continues to inspire us with his well thought out, well intended and welcoming photographs. He shares his most personally inspirational images, his access all areas adventures in palaces and cabinet rooms and his take on post COVID absent cities, community superheroes, scousers celebrating and the acts of true human kindness in local voluntary initiatives. An amazing watch and listen yet again, thanks Devvers!

Brilliant Link here for more of Anthony’s fantastic work,

My final magnificent and beautiful highlight focus' on the people who continue to inspire me day to day & week to week - seemingly effortlessly! In a glorious moment of creativity, possibly an epiphany immediately after my final Playgroup session with The Clear Thinkers Bev & Kate. It came to me... Rainbow Warrior or Warriors! Protector of the Environment for those old enough to remember the still active Greenpeace ship. From my Performance Tree perspective it is the latest piece of the jigsaw in the evolution of my Tree. A clear lens on the already vital part of the process spitting out questions like - What do I need to grow naturally? Who nurtures my personal growth? Who protects my environment? So with my curiosity ignited I set about learning about the phrase Rainbow Warrior. Here is a little of what I found out...

So there you have it - #Rainbowwarriors is starting here, right now -

  • Who are the people who have and continue to protect your environment? and Why?

  • Where are you most naturally suited to grow? Where you can BE your true, authentic self?

  • Who and what is really important to have around you?

  • Right Now?

  • All the time?

  • When you are growing?

  • When your environment is unusual, unfamiliar or unpleasant?

Lest we forget the thousands of unknown Rainbow Warriors who have and continue to protect our environment, and put themselves at risk right now with COVID at large. As well as the amazing NHS and Health Care workers, the teachers who have kept our schools open and cared for our loved ones, all of the services that in large have remained unaffected like deliveries to your door, the voluntary groups and individuals springing up everywhere or somehow managing to stay open and connected to their members.

Here are a just a few of my Rainbow Warriors - many or all are mentioned in BLIG #3 Brilliant Ladies Inspiring Growth

My wife Jo, my children Olivia & Louis, Grandma Mary & Grandad Bill, Aunty Adele, Liesa Dewsnap, Bev Holden & Kate Miles-Roberts, Janet Woods, Ricky Locke... and there are many more I can call upon in a moments thought who immediately spark a smile...

Remember whilst rainbows often fade and disappear, they are created in your eye in that moment - I guess it is your choice to see it and appreciate it. Try it at home in the garden on a sunny day. Make sure the sun is directly behind you, turn on the garden hose, and create a spray in front of you, play around and watch a rainbow appear right before your eyes. Some Rainbow Warriors it would seem are everlasting, their presence have or continue to nurture your environment, providing light when things seem a little dark, giving you food for thought and room to grow.

The final image below is 'My Rainbow' from 'My Performance Tree', laid out on Grandma Mary's final piece of inadvertently glorious crochet work and using the Cards for Clear Thinking which have been part of my Performance Tree evolution over the past 3 years or more... Thanks Gran, Thanks Bev & Kate, Thanks Playgroup! #Rainbowwarriors

The top arch with 7 cards selected (7 colours of the rainbow of course) represents the 'Nurture' aspect of my environment. I thought about who my Rainbow Warriors were and Why? and then selected the 7 cards from the deck of 52 that best represented them and what we shared and what they do or did for me essentially...

The bottom arch with 7 cards represents the 'Nature' aspect of my environment. I thought about what else I need to grow? and Why of course! What is my best natural setting? What are the Physical as well as the Mental aspects of my environment that suit me best?

As well as the 'New Rainbow' being part of Performance Tree in all its glory for everyone now. The top arch is a constant reminder in my environment - in my office - of, Who my Rainbow Warriors are and Why? With some lovely pics...

And the bottom arch is playfully depicted in my environment - on a sign on the door - inviting all who enter to "Be Free To & Enjoy Being... Inclusive, Serene, Purposeful, Challenging, Creative, Connected & Playful! - When entering this environment"

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