Personal development


Establishing Beliefs & Values, Developing Behaviours & Mind- sets,   Growing Creativity & Innovation,

Motivating Energy & Balance, Delivering  Personal Performance Achieving Personal Well Being


Personal Development Planning & Growth

Being Resilient, Self Confident & Valued

Personal Performance & Well Being

Consultation, Facilitation & Coaching

I have a passion & desire for everyone to have the opportunity to develop themselves and unlock their potential. Being the best version of yourself, knowing what powers you and having a growth mindset are the at heart of all of my development opportunities and solutions.


Personal Development Planning is a prerequisite for life ambitions, career pathways & business growth but can often be beige or bland. The Performance Tree concept brings to life - with colour & vibrancy such plans by modelling - 

  • Our personal values - "What is important to me?".

  • Our personal expressions - "What behaviours & Mindset will serve me well?"

  • Our personal performance & well being - "What I do & what people see"

With over 20 years of leadership and learning & development roles I have helped individuals grow their own personal performance by inspiring them, being genuine with them, being my authentic self and always being creative & kind.


"Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same. but you leave them all over everything you do"

Elvis Presley 1953 - 1977

"Thoughtful , creative & generous and I

love how you build rapport with people Matt. I've seen you build a connection with people by being at ease with them

and curious about them. I love that! "

Bev Holden - Director 

The Clear Thinking Partnership

"You make a genuine difference to people Matt. You connect with all audiences, on so many different levels. It doesn’t feel like you’re L&D-ing people, you treat everyone as an individual, tailoring your approach but always with that infectious energy and therefore having an even bigger impact."

TomColeman - Retail Engagement Manager

Holland & Barrett