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"I thought that the performance tree was an exciting, unique opportunity, that could work well with our pupils as it would enable them to take ownership of their issue and find a resolution rather than immediately deflecting the blame. It may also encourage independence which will promote progress in lessons as a result.”


"The Performance tree is an excellent opportunity for self-reflection, to determine your strengths and future goals. I think it would be an fantastic opportunity to allow students to reflect on their progress and their future goals in a different way.”


The year 6 children and staff really enjoyed working with Matt on the Performance Tree. Matt quickly established a rapport with the children and explained the activities clearly and well. The resources were well prepared and provoked much thought and discussion. The activities were pitched at an appropriate level for all the children to access. Some of the vocabulary used was ambitious and the children enjoyed finding out the meanings to new words. Although “fun” and “relaxed”, the creation of our Performance Trees stimulated some deep thinking and challenged our mind-sets. Although we were time- limited, I can see that we could have gained even more from the activities and spent longer on them. The children were very proud of their trees and wanted to spend further time on them – enhancing them with colour and artwork. The activities promoted a lot of great discussion and Matt was very effective in getting across the big ideas without interrupting the flow of the children’s thoughts. I could see that this would be a good basis to develop further work, especially around the area of transition. It could also be transferred to activities with school staff teams, allowing colleagues to focus on their beliefs, values and goals and the conditions needed to fulfil them  - Thanks Matt!
Sue Kitchen - Headteacher

Stalyhill Junior School



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Joe Holden - Year 7 - Fleetwood High School

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