"It matters not what someone is born, but what they GROW

to be"

J.K. Rowling - b.1965

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Your Greatest Self!


"Really enjoyed the session- enabled me to think about personal growth through reflection and self-evaluation. It also allowed to process these ideas in an engaging and stimulating which can be accessed by a range of age groups. You leave the session with a resource you can refer back if needs be to help redirect your thoughts and motivations.”

"I thought it was useful to think about the conditions which I need to be the best that I possibly can. I have the tree on my wall.  It helps me to re-set at times when I am busy.  It also helps me to ask questions of others, which will then help me to further improve. I would like to use the tree in form, as part of citizenship.”


"The performance tree session was very interesting and really made me think about my values and what drives me. It was also interesting to see what other people’s motivations are how they reflect their personality. I really liked how the tree was used to represent the different aspects that make up the performance tree.”

"...there is always something YOU CAN DO and succeed at - it matters that you don't just give up."

Stephen Hawking 1942 - 2018


To Blossom!

We're always

GROWING right?



Distance Learning

Fleetwood High School led the way on September 1st 2020 when they invited me to facilitate a 'Culture Values & Behaviours' workshop.

Look out for this weeks 3rd ventilated adventure into the unknown with Steve Smith who is a retired champion high jumper, British record holder, Olympian and Director of Raise The Bar. We’ve worked with Steve, and the team at Raise the Bar for several years and Janet, Bev, Kate & I are thrilled that Steve will be sharing his remarkable story on Breathing Space. 

Breathing Space

A big thank you to those that attended our second Breathing Space mini conference last Thursday. We were joined by Matthew Arrowsmith-Brown, who shared with us his incredible experiences of endurance racing, which is a motorsport that tests the durability of the cars, and the endurance of the participants.


As ever, we had some amazing feedback, and listening to Matthew allowed everyone a welcome space to slow down and think differently. If you missed out and would value some breathing space of your own you can access the session via the link below.


and to watch Matthew race around the track click on the link and start watching at 3 minutes


"An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises"
 Mae West 1893 - 1980

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